I am a Blogger, Nutritionist,  Self-Empowerment Teacher, Spiritual Warrior, World Explorer and Animal Lover...

In 2017 I had a breakdown/spiritual awakening. My life simply blew up! My business went bankrupt, and I split from my partner and fiance of 10 years.


I found myself brought to my knees, financially, emotionally and spiritually. This awakening gave me the opportunity to ask some very honest and fundamental questions about my life!  

I realised I was deeply unhappy and searching for it in all the wrong places; status, money, love and addictions. Any means to facilitate my escape and numb the true pain of being imperfectly human.

I embarked on a journey which lead me to foster a true love and acceptance for myself. I am learning to thrive after years of simply surviving and to find, as my journey continues to unfold in front of me, a place of joy and success that is authentic and inspired.


This blog is a result of that journey and my hope is to inspire others to live the life that they dream of and do more of what sets their heart alight! 

I am based in London and travel across the globe with and without Rupert and Elsa. I love to share tips and inspiration; to encourage people to live their healthiest and happiest lives; to step into their power and live their greatness! 

If you want to read more about that pivotal moment where breakdown became breakthrough, you can read it here...

Love and Light 

Kezra x